Padma Shri award winner Pappammal Rangammal in her field This Female Farmer from Tamil Nadu Will Shock You!

“I don’t know anything about agriculture. I have never had formal education but I have still come so ahead in life. Seeing my work and dedication, they have given this award.” This is Pappammal Rangammal speaking to the media on the occasion of being awarded the Pama Shri Award on the 72nd Republic Day of India.  

She is a proud woman farmer who hails from Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu. She does organic farming of pulses, millets, and vegetables in her 2.5-acre field.  

Pappammal’s parents died when she was very young. Her grandmother reared her. Pappammal’s husband died a decade ago. She has 3 daughters, 3 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren.  

She is associated with Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, has served as Panchayat Councillor in 1959, and is a DMK party member.  

According to Pappammal, she had inherited a provision shop from her grandmother. She collected money by selling beverages and snacks. From this money, she purchased 10 acres of land to cultivate corn and pulses. After a few years, she sold this land, retaining 2.5 acres for herself. Today, she does farming in this land.  

She wakes up at 3 am, starts her day with a short walk, cooks a nutritious breakfast of ragi and rice with chillies and onions. Then carries this meal in a mud pot to her fields.  

Some of you reading this might think it is normal for people to work in fields, wake up early, and do all the hard work required in farming. So, what’s big if this woman farmer is doing this, right? 

Well, ladies and gentlemen, let me end this article by telling you the age of this farmer. It will shock you. And then I bet you will read this article again from the beginning! 

This Padma Shri award winning woman farmer Pappammal Rangammal is 105 years old!  

And, hold your breath, she flaunts healthy, thick, and long white hair!  

Pappammal Rangammal - the 105-year-old woman farmer of Tamil Nadu (source: The Hindu)
Pappammal Rangammal – the 105-year-old woman farmer of Tamil Nadu (source: The Hindu)

Here are a few words as said by Pappammal, “I did everything on my own, with my own will. And today look at me, I have great grandchildren running around me. My life is very good. In my life, I am the kind and the minister.”

She adds, “I eat ragi and millets and have never taken any medicines. I have never fallen sick and am always healthy. Since 1970, I have been eating food off banana leaves only. This is very healthy and even helps your hair grow longer and stronger.” 

Source: Organic Farming Archives,Krishi Jagran

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