Success story farmers in Chandigarh successfully cultivate saffron in a space of only 15 feet on the roof of their house

Quit my job, cultivate saffron on the roof of my house, earn lakhs, the rhythm of a farmer is heavy !!

The farmer brothers in Chandigarh have successfully cultivated saffron in a space of only 15 feet on the roof of their house, much to the surprise of many.  It is learned that he earned lakhs of rupees in this experiment (Two farmer brother started saffron farming on terrace and earned money in lacs from Haryana).

Naveen and Praveen, both brothers living in Kothakala village in Hisar district, started saffron cultivation on the roof of their house during the lockdown. He did this farming as an experiment. He did this farming by aerophonic method. He has earned 6 to 9 lakhs from this farming method.

Saffron is mainly grown in Jammu and Kashmir. However, these young men from Haryana did this farming by aerophonic method on the roof of their house. Saffron has been cultivated in Iran, Spain and China by aerophonic methods so far. However, saffron is cultivated only in Jammu and Kashmir in India. From there saffron is supplied to the whole country and abroad.

How did Naveen and Praveen farm?

Naveen and Praveen were the first to learn about saffron farming on YouTube. He then bought saffron seeds from Jammu at Rs 250 per kg. They bought more than 100 kg of seeds. He then started farming on an experimental basis on a 15 × 15 rooftop roof. His project was completed by August-November 2020.

In his experiment, one to one and a half kg of saffron was produced. Initially, he earned Rs 6 lakh to Rs 9 lakh. Saffron is currently available in the market at a price of Rs 2.5 to 3 lakh per kg.

Meanwhile, Praveen and Naveen commented on this farming. “This project can be started at a cost of Rs 7 to 10 lakhs. Different types of machines can be installed at this cost. What is special is that farmers can do this farming at home. Farmers can earn Rs 10 lakh to Rs 20 lakh from this type of farming, ”he said.

The day temperature for saffron cultivation should be 20 degrees Celsius. If it is 10 degrees Celsius at night. Humidity should be 90 percent. You should also get sunlight. Apart from this, if there is no sunlight left, light can be given by using light. However, the lamp should be bacteria free. Also use thermocol.

Many things are made from saffron including soap, oil, face mask. Saffron is in huge demand in the market. Saffron is more beneficial for pregnant women and the elderly. Saffron is also good for cancer, heart disease, cough etc. 

Source: – TV9 News

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